Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Blog for Our New Rainbow

Firstly, I'd like to thank Franchesca Cox at Smallbird Studio's for working with me to design this beautiful blog. She did a fantastic job and she offers a special discount to bereaved families which I thought was really generous. If you have a moment, please visit the link on the bottom right of the page to see her other work in honor of her sweet daughter.

Secondly, welcome to my new blog! I wanted a place where I could write about being pregnant with our rainbow baby because it really is a different experience. I plan to share photos here, to continue with my poetry and to continue with the path of healing. I do not intend to stop writing in my blog for Jack, but I plan to keep that blog focused just on him. He deserves his own space and really, Searching for Jack has always been his and always will be.

I hope that you enjoy this new space and will continue to read as Owen's story unfolds for us.



Jessica said...

Beautiful design! So happy for you and to be able to share in your journey!

Caroline said...

It's beautiful

Emily Hughes said...

Thank you ladies!

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