About Me

I am always left sort of at a loss for filling in the "About Me" section of things. Never quite sure of what is important enough to mention. I suppose some of the basics are in order. I live in the metro-Detroit area with my husband and high school sweetheart Dustin. We have two beautiful sons, one who has grown wings and one who is still growing inside of me. I work in the environmental education/fundraising field and I enjoy being creative. My free time is spent doing things for our memory box making project Jack's Day (you can find our project on facebook by searching for Jack's Day) and I also enjoy gardening. I have struggled with this path called grief for almost a year now and its curves and dips continue to surprise me. I started this particular blog in honor of our rainbow baby Owen so that I would have a special place to share his story. Feel free to friend me or email me anytime: emilyhughes88@yahoo.com